Ocean Freight

Ship your Freight around the world, in a orderly well arranged fashion. meet your cost and time requirements. Let Us Manage your sea freight and provide the entire shipping process according to your required specifications.

Air Freight

Urgently in need of your products / goods? Our team members will provide the best solutions to beat the race vs time!  Just send us what you need and Have us to bring you the place you need to be on time on track. 

Customs Clearance

Our Friendly team, would provide helpful detail information to support clearing of the import & export goods with Customs and Quarantine Authority with sufficient and friendly information to facilitate the requirments  and procedure efficiently.  

Truck & Delivery 

ABBA team delicately provide feasible truck options and delivery methods to match your order to door. Friendly teams will always assist each delivery type to achieve customer's hassle free mind. 

​AU   澳大利亞
A:   No. 75A Bourke Road,
     Alexandria, NSW 2015
M:   P.O. Box 7008,

     Alexandria, NSW 2015


NZ   新西蘭

A :  55D Richard Pearse Drive

      Mangere, 2022, Auckland

M :  P.O Box 53 173,

      Auckland Aiport 2022, 

      New Zealand

AU 澳大利亞電話傳真電郵

Nation 1300-900-555

T :  +61-2-9126-8099

​F :  +61-2-8569-2045

F :  +61-3-8677-9190

NZ  新西蘭電話傳真電郵

T :  +64-9-255-5488

​F :  +64-9-926-1868

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